Welcome to Apartments Eko!

House by the Sea

EKO Apartments are located on the northeastern side of the Vis Bay, not far from the church of St. Juraj (St. George), right by the sea.
The town beach Grandovac takes a 2-3 minute walk by the sea. From the house, there is a 54-stair stairway to the beach below the house (stone, flat slabs, with stairs for entry).

Kut, a part of Vis, where you can supply groceries, souvenirs, where the best restaurants are, and where the church is, is a 500m walk along the sea.

The Harbor, the town center, is 2.5km away (pharmacy, doctor, bank, ferry, city administration).

Sea pool

At Your disposal we have a swimming pool, with sea water, which we are particularly proud of, as it is the only one of the kind on the whole island of Vis.


From the terraces and balconies of all our apartments there is a wonderful view of the Vis Bay.
Below the house there is a possibility to use a boat mooring, and also ask the host to take you on a boat tour around the beautiful islands and coves.
For a true Dalmatian atmosphere there is a grill for making various dishes on “gradele” and “peka”.
Your car has a secured place on our own private car park.
Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the property.
Satellite TV channels in all apartments.
The whole house is air-conditioned.


  • Own electricity production / SOLAR /, above 90%
  • Ecological energy house plant / DAIKIN ALTERMA / – production by heat pump; sanitary domestic water, heating and cooling of the entire facility
  • Sea pool without any chemical and other treatments


We hope you find an offer that suits your needs and chose to stay with us.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

But we have more

Further amenities & options to spend your time

Gastro experience

The Best You will eat is on Vis

The simple ways of preparing fresh seasonal food marked the entire Dalmatian cuisine, but on the island of Vis it grew into a ground principle that sometimes takes off into an act of art:

sardines on a skewer, beans in fish stew, grilled squids, roasted tomato, eggplant and zucchini, are just a part of a centuries-old fishermen’s and labourer’s menu.

We are a proud partner

Geopark Vis Archipelago

The island of Vis and its surrounding islands form an archipelago of approximately 6000 square kilometer area. This is in every sense a special place (geologically, historically, culturally).

Cultural Heritage

Historical sights

The island of Vis has been inhabited since the prehistoric times, and in whole is a historical monument. Historical layers are present everywhere: from the remains of the ancient city of Issa, all the way to the more recent sights.

Oasis of peace

Nautical paradise

Because of the large number of hidden coves (the oasis of peace hard to get to), Vis is a true sailors’ paradise.